Help our forests

Sine 2020 an estimated 20% of giant sequoia burned in California wildfires covering an area of 6 million acres. Many of these were high intensity burns that threaten forest recovery. Below are some organisations that help reforestation. Help our forests by helping these organisations.

Penny Pines Program

Supports reforestation in California National Forests

American Forests

Non-profit conservation organization, established in 1875, and dedicated to protecting and restoring healthy forest ecosystems

Archangel Ancient Tree Archive

Creates living libraries of old-growth tree genetics by cloning these old growth trees through traditional and advanced horticultural propagation for the purpose of future research and functional reforestation

Arbor Day Foundation

Your gift will help plant trees in forests and communities across the nation and around the globe.

National Forest Foundation

7.3 million trees planted in 2021 and more than 21000 acres reforested

Redwood Forest Foundation

Redwood Forest Foundation, Inc.(RFFI) is a grass-roots organization. Loggers, environmentalists, mill-owners, community activists, foresters, economists, financiers and others are working together to manage the region’s natural resources. This unlikely group of partners transcended conflict and continue to conserve forestland, protect biodiversity, mitigate climate change and improve the local economy in an equitable manner.